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Ok, ho deciso.. x°D Giusto per non creare mò troppa confusione fra personaggi del Gioco di Ruolo + i miei amici italiani e non italiani qua su Tumblr, ho appunto deciso di creare un secondo contatto (questa volta ci metterò solo i miei amici di Tumblr piuttosto che mettere quelli che fanno il GDR con i loro personaggi). Ovviamente, continuerò spesso a visitare questo contatto mio che possiedo. ;) Quindi no problem!

Ah, parlando poi di creazioni, ho anche creato su DeviantArt un nuovo contatto alla quale pubblicherò solamente i miei disegnini Mecha. ^_^ Quindi, chiunque avesse voglia di visitarmi anche su DA, il mio username sarebbe MechaFanAddicted. ;D

The Sexy Yuusha & TF Fangirl: Yeah.. So not some few minutes ago I decide lazily to watching on...


There’s only one site with the complete series uploaded, and that site is a Chinese one called “youku”. Useless to say, the only fan-subs on there are in Chinese and, for some reason, episode #32 is not viewable if you live outside Mainland China. ^^;

A few episodes are available fan-subbed in English on some Thai site; the first 16 are listed on there, but that’s a tricky list, because some episodes in time have been taken down and some others don’t have subs at all. <.<;


Oh hey there new convert to our religion

You can also download all 52 episodes + a 5-episode OVA that’s dripping with feels in crisp high quality here.

Oooooh!! Thankyou so much guys!! x3 I will then try to follow your own brilliant suggestions you gave me for. ^_^

And about for Sharky, lol.. xD Sincerely the first two episodes I’ve watched were all uploaded on Youtube by a person with the nickname of “tenkonn”. Obviously these 2 episodes I’ve watched were all Asian language with no English subtitles on the mentioned episodes, so yeah.. ^^;

Anyway, thankyou so much once again for the help!! :D

Yeah.. So not some few minutes ago I decide lazily to watching on Youtube some kind of random videos I’ve got on my own favorite list and randomly I picked up to watching the only Shippu! Iron Leagues video with a perfect badass audio in it. So, just for curiousity, I decide also to watching the first beginning of that series and OMG!! Mach Windy makes all my own feels coming to their own limits of Awesomness! Yeah, exactly!! The first episode started with Mach Windy inside and also the coming of Magnus Ace into the same episode. ZOMG, now I guess that I’ve got a newest love for this awesome series of Iron Leagues more like the Yuusha’s ones. Sadly, on Youtube it’s all hard of finding around the rest of the episodes (I was able of only watching for now 2 of this Japanese robots series’ episodes) and also since the website Megaupload is shutting down for violation of copyright, it’s really so hard to finding around a decent full episodes of Iron Leagues.. ^^”

Wish I could find a website at this point with all the series’ episodes…

Well… I guess that I will go having a wonderful snack time! Then after it, dunno what I should doing for.. Probably playing at my new Pokèmon videogame on my own Nintendo 3DS or even.. Well.. Or even watching on Youtube some Yuusha episodes.

By the way.. Cya maybe later when I’m done all my own business.. xD


Only when I roleplaying into my own Tumblr’s accounts. xDD By the way yeah.. I also love so much RPing with my own friends and not simply be a fan of Anime, Yuusha or even Transformers and you can see it if you check my own RP accounts like askrescuebotsheatwave, askrescuebotschase, askrescuebotsboulder, askrescuebotssunshine, smokescreen-prime, thecoldbrother and also brave-yuusha-shadowneko.

Lol, and here. xD Another newest picture I’ve draw on DeviantArt, this time with Drill Boy from Brave Police J-Decker!! x3 My, I’ve draw him sooooooooo goooooood that I could right now squeezing him!! x3333

I am also probably sure that my own friend Sparky will really love this picture I’ve made, since she loves so much as well Drill Boy just like meee!! :D

Anyway, hope that you Brave Yuusha fans will love this awesome picture I’ve draw for! ^_^

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